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It comes in waves, It all ways does.

I remeber times when it was the two of use. You and I ... I'm drawn to those moments. Caught in silence, caught in comfort....inseurities masked by needs. It comes in and I've hit a peak where it's crashed down; Sweeping me away into silence and harmony. Blissful thought, Memories....memories, Oh lovely memories.

You are there, you are always there.....

Come back to me, oh come back to me; sweet, sweet greed.

Sweet, Sweet Greed.

Bring to me to solace.

Pure lovelieness


Yes love, yes, ....


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My mouth can't seem to translate my constricting and shifting imagination
   that twists and bends my thoughts.....

   they multiple at a cruel and unreachable rate...

My tounge has forgotten the age long beats
   that sculpt conscienous into sound...
Leaving the language trapped silently
   in the hallows of my head
   they linger far too long and become contaminated
   with doubt, always. forgotten.


so much

I'd like to see if I can't be a bit more consistant and casual with you, LJ.

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It was a nice night out when Elena and I went to Tony's. Dancing and joking, new faces. A long but enjoyable stroll from Leigh to Marshall. Stray cats and uneven paths. Police tape lined the street and we made faces at the cops, laughing to ourselves wondering if they'd seen. Arrived at Marshall St. Cafe. 11:30. Rob's off, and we're off. Step. Step. TRIP. Laugh. Step. Step. Stop. Scattered wallet in the wet street. A robbery, undoubtedly. The talk of fast food at 3:30 in the morning consumes us until we can't take it anymore. Waffel House to the rescue! PunchBuggy. Pile in. Tight squeeze. Reminiscing on the previous night. Edward 40 hands. Arm wrestling. Lumber-Jack Whore. Mean Mug. Ah! Food! Butter! Waffles! Butter! Meat! Butter! Butter! Butter! Goodnight. Sleep tight. Kiss. Goodnight. 6am and in bed. Rise and shine, it's 5 til 9! Paul: Jack break? Compass. Paul: Brian and Robbie were shot. Robbery. Hit an artery. Broken collar bone. Shattered back plate. Lost half his blood. Four blood transfusions.Nerve damage in his left arm. Alive. Can't play guitar. Passion gone. Dead?
Robbie. Rob, Robbery. Richmond. Re-adjusting. Regression. Roomate. Ryan. Reminece. Renewed. Reality. Rachel. Random. Rundown. Rubbish. Redskins. Reefer. Regret. Relapse. Recompose. Roam. Rethink. Ride. Restless. Reachout. Ready. Right. Wrong. Ready. Wrong.
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Hopefully I can start painting again soon.
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I would like to know what you think is beautiful, both the tangible, and non-tangible.

Pictures are appreciated as well, but I am more intersted in your written opinion.

If you've never commented in my account before, now's the time to start!!

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